Tacos (3 per order)


Fish tacos:

(beer battered OR grilled) with Mexican slaw, guacamole and mango-habanero salsa



Tacos Dorados:

rolled and fried crispy with braised chicken, red chile sauce, avocado salsa, fresh spinach, crema and queso fresco



Sangria marinated skirt steak tacos:

 with red-onion-salsa, pico de gallo (fresh salsa) and goat cheese



Shredded pork tacos:

with avocado salsa and salsa rojo (red). Seasonal add pomegranate seeds. Can substitute chicken OR chorizo



Mixed tacos:

Select any combination of shredded pork, chicken, chorizo, sangria steak or fish tacos



Specialties served with rice



  chicken OR chorizo with black bean puree, queso fresco (fresh cheese), salsa verde (green) and salsa rojo (red)




chicken OR pork served “verde” (green) OR “coloradito” (red) with Mexican cheese, crema, fresh spinach, onion and queso fresco (fresh cheese)



Blue corn quesadilla:

  chicken OR chorizo with Mexican cheese, roasted poblano chiles, black bean puree, salsa and crema




chorizo or chicken with black bean puree, crema, fresh spinach, red onion salsa and avocado salsa



Chiles relleno:

Roasted with goat cheese, mushrooms, white bean sauce, fresh salsa verde (green) and crema



Tamales: (Chicken OR Pork)

1.) In a corn husk with chilies and salsa verde (green)

2.) In a banana leaf with mole (spicy-Mexican-chocolate-sauce)



Corn Empanadas:

Potatoes OR Mushrooms with cheese, black bean puree, avocado salsa, crema and queso fesco (fresh cheese)




traditional Mexican soup with pork, chicken, hominy, red radish, onions, avocados, cilantro, limes, Mexican oregano and tostadas


Caldo de Pollo:




White queso fundido (cheese dip) $4.50

Guacamole $4.75

Black bean puree $3.50

Mexican Rice $1.75

Grilled corn in the husk with dried chile, aoli, lime and cheese (seasonal) $3.00


Salsa Bar


Pico de gallo (fresh salsa)

Roasted tomato salsa

Fresh Salsa verde (green)

Salsa picante (spicy)



Soft drinks (fountain) $1.75

Mexican bottled soft drinks $2.25

Mexican-style fresh fruit drinks $2.25

Bottled Water $2.00

Mexican Coffee $1.75

Mexican hot chocolate $2.25

Bottled beer $3.75

Sangria (red/white) $5.00

Margarita on the rocks $6.00



Churros with house made cinnamon sugar



*Ask about vegetarian/vegan options*